Depression and Darkness

Have you noticed that may people keep their homes very dark, all the time?  You can be sure that there is at least one person in that household who suffers from a bout of depression.

Having a dark environment effects the mood in a negative way.

There is a direct correlation between sunlight and happiness. Receiving a health dose of sunlight keeps the antidepressants away. It is essential to allow natural light to enter the house, and to do so as much as possible.

Life can have its ups and downs, so don’t deny your body of natural sunlight in the home. It brightness up the home, making it more inviting to you and your guests.

Try it out for a week, and you will see a noticeable difference in your mood.

Another great tip for improving your mood… get some fresh air. Go outside and bask in the sunlight. Its good for your mood and it allows your body to synthesize vitamin D, which is very important as well. Over 85% of the body’s vitamin D comes from sunlight. It’s great for the immune system, bones, and mental health.

Stay happy and healthy.

Medical Sense brought to you by Milan Patel, M.D.

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