Selecting your Wedding Ring

The summer wedding season is in the air and its time to select your wedding band(s). With so many choices out there how do you decide which ring to go with?  The choice is not easy with all the different types of rings, metals, styles, etc.  The list goes on!

Hopefully this brief article with help you narrow down your search and point you in right direction.

Men’s Wedding Bands:

Men’s rings are a bit easier then women’s rings.  The current popular trend for wedding bands are contemporary AshMil ceramic ringmetals.  This includes titanium, tungsten, ceramic, stainless steel, and cobalt.  View our contemporary metal article for descriptions of each metal.  Black rings are especially popular amongst these metals. They are a stylish alternative to the traditional gold or platinum look.  Although black rings are very stylish, you have to keep in mind that most metals are not naturally black.  The black color is added via heating or plating process.  The black will last a long time for most,  but overtime it may discolor or fade.  This should not deter you from getting a black titanium or tungsten band.  We just recommend that you pick a brand / company which will offer a warranty or at least a refinishing service.

Now if you do not want to worry about the black color fading, then the best option for you is a ceramic or ceramic / tungsten combo.  Most ceramic rings are made of high-tech ceramic, which will never fade or discolor.  This is the same high-tech ceramic material used in the disc brakes of expensive sports cars.  Keep in mind that not all ceramic rings are created equally, so make sure the company provides you with information about the ceramic they use and if the ring comes with a warranty.

Women’s Wedding Bands:

For women’s wedding bands, the traditional solitaire bands are still popular but there is an increasing trend to match AshMil tungsten band with double abalone inlaythe wedding band to their husband’s ring.  Most men prefer not to have any diamonds or only have a few diamond accents.  With this said, contemporary metals are no longer for men only.  You can find many matching bands in contemporary metals, both with and without diamonds.

So why even consider the non traditional metals?  

Your wedding ring is a symbol of your eternal love, and for that reason alone it should always look

amazing.  These non-traditional metals (contemporary metals) rings are extremely durable and some are virtually impossible to scratch, nick, or bend.  The traditional metals such as gold are much softer, showing wear after a year or so.

So how do I start my selection process?

Always pick a brand/product that speaks to your heart.  You are purchasing a symbolic item which will be seen every time you look down at your hand.  You want it to be in pristine condition.  You will always find pros and cons for each brand / product, so go with your first instinct.

Hope this article was somewhat helpful.  In you have any questions, need assistance selecting a ring, or would like to start a discussion….please post your comments below.

Author:  Kimberly K., Jewelry Adviser


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