Toilet Lids Down, Why?

Why put the lid down before flushing the toilet EVERY TIME?

Whenever a toilet is flushed with the seat / lid up, there is a small mist from the toilet bowl which is squirted directly into the air.  This means that germs and bacteria from the toilet bowl become airborne and land all around the bathroom.  Fecal matter has been found on toothbrushes and water glasses on the counter, on the wall near the toilet, and even towels.

Study conducted:

50 toothbrushes were placed at varying distances from the toilet.  The control toothbrushes were in a glass outside the bathroom.  Each toothbrush was wet and warmed each day for about 2 weeks.  In the end, the toothbrushes were checked for a specific bacteria found in feces.  EVERY one of the toothbrushes, including the control toothbrushes, showed evidence of the bacteria.


  • Always close the toilet lid before flushing.
  • Consider keeping your toothbrush and water glass in the medicine cabinets.
  • Make a decorative sign for your guest bathroom which kindly states “please put the lid down before flushing”.
  • Tell everyone why they should flush with seat down.

These simple recommendations can help keep you healthy and your bathroom clean.

Medical Sense brought to you by Milan Patel, M.D.

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